Women in Digital Panel round up

It was an amazing buzzy atmosphere at our sold out panel on Wednesday night, and a great conversation. If you missed it, there are videos below — unfortunately, we had problems with the footage from the first half, so only the second half is available to view.

Because the introductions are cut off (boo!) here is the info on the panel:

Annie Auerbach, Director, Foresight and Trends, Flamingo International
Annie looks after Flamingo’s Trends Offering in London. Her report on trends about the new youth consumer, called “Multiplicity and the implications for segmentation” is available to download from the Flamingo International website.

Helen Kogan, Managing Director of Business and Management, Kogan Page
Helen is Managing Director of Kogan Page, one of Europe’s leading independent business and management book publishers. One of their titles DIGITAL WARS is described as a “gripping investigation into Apple, Google and Microsoft and their tumultuous battles to dominate our digital future.”

Tishna Molla, COO, Power to the Pixel
Tishna is the COO of Power to the Pixel. She has an amazing background and Power to the Pixel has a unique position, specialising in new ways for content creators (like publishers!) and businesses to develop and finance stories across multiple platforms.

Rebecca Smart is CEO of Osprey Group, a UK-based international publishing company focused on producing the best content for enthusiasts across a broad range of specialist areas. A new YA brand, Strange Chemistry will launch in September 2012. And I love the line from her bio that says, “What defines the company is not what it creates but for whom it creates.”

The videos below cover opinions on youth market and digital, how important is design, plus all the questions from the audience about the author’s role, social writing communities, discovery, etc.

A few great points that I want to mention are:
1. The panel hadn’t experienced discrimination being women in digital, but it was acknowledged that men can be better at self-promotion, especially in a digital sphere.
2. The word “digital” divides — divides groups in companies, levels of confidence… We need to stop thinking of digital and not digital… because it’s all digital now.
3. Building and understanding an audience is key to successful and sustainable selling.
4. Publishers have to prove that they add value.

There are more great highlights on the hashtag #DigitalWomen and a great blog round up by Caroline Hooton.

There wasn’t enough time for all the questions, and there was one tweeted that we didn’t have time to cover: what about all of those who don’t have digital access? Does anyone have a response?

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