Carnegie Challenge – Under 24 hours to go…

…and, with only the slight cheat of putting two books in one post, WE’VE DONE IT!

So here we have

Small Change for Stuart by Lissa Evans


 Everybody Jam by Ali Lewis

You know how this works – let us know what you think of the books in the comments section.  We’ve been nattering on about these in the kitchenette area, so there’ll be lots fo HKB comments.

So who do you think will win?  Is it a different book to the one you think should win?

(I’m not saying anything just so I can nod sagely when the winner is announced and smirk in a knowing way.)


6 responses to “Carnegie Challenge – Under 24 hours to go…

  1. Phew! I have just read almost three books in three days! Yikes!
    Out of these last two (and while they are TOTALLY different) I preferred Small Change for Stuart. It is a really sweet and quirky book, and a very English-sort-of-mystery. I completely loved the Dad, and how Stuart responds to him – to be honest my dad was coming out with things like that when I was 10, so it really made me chuckle. The trail left by the Uncle is a great plot device, and in a way reminded me slightly of The Invention of Huge Cabret (which if you haven’t read, is wonderful) just in the writing style and the way you stay with Stuart in his piecing together of the puzzle. I could imagine this one could be great fun reading aloud actually.

    In terms of the winner…I still have a hunch it will be A Monster Calls…
    In these last two books, they were great stories but not as multi-layered as some of the others. I look forward to tomorrow’s announcement though!

  2. We haven’t read them all. Ours is a consumer-based judgement. Basically, we bought three of them before we even knew the shortlist (or even that they were on the longlist). We bought these because they appealed to us most out of other books that were out there. So we read them – My Sister Lives On the Mantelpiece, Between Shades of Gray and My Name is Mina. Only the eldest of us read Mina (!), but I think it ticks all the boxes – and it wasn’t even dark; it made me smile quite a lot but not laugh in a silly way. Mantelpiece we both loved but were disappointed with the inclusion of time-limited popular culture. Sepetys was probably the stand out for both of us primarily for the story that it told and, for that alone, I’d like it to win. My money (if I was the betting kind) might be on Mina though. As for the other titles, we can’t comment other than they didn’t appeal to both of us enough in the first instance.

    • Confession: I haven’t finished EVERYBODY JAM yet (I’m halfway through) but for my money, I’m going to bet on Patrick Ness.

      Though, I’m going to HOPE for MIDNIGHT ZOO. If you can at all, M, convince Little M to have a look at it despite the word “zoo”. It is pretty powerful stuff — along the lines of BETWEEN SHADES OF GREY. If she liked that, I think she’d like MIDNIGHT ZOO.

      Tick tick tick… what will tomorrow bring?

  3. The shadowing group at Seven Stories have been reading the titles over the past few weeks. We had our own voting ceremony on Monday. Small Change for Stuart was our winner but only one vote ahead of A Monster Calls closely followed by My Sister lives on the Mantlepiece. I think this has been the best shortlist for a few years. There hasn’t been one that I have felt I have wasted my time reading. I am very excited to be attending the award ceremony tomorrow on behalf of Seven Stories and have my bag packed with books to be signed.

    • Ooh, attending the ceremony! I bet that will be amazing. (And I’m coming up to see you all in Newcastle at the end of September for a writer’s group talk and to take my little one to experience the Julia Donaldson exhibit… can’t wait!)

  4. And now I can say I knew A Monster Calls would win both the Carnegie and Greenaway all along!

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