Eight Carnegie Days Left!

Eight days left before the Carnegie winner announcement and we are just a touch behind on our shadowing reading challenge! We’ve just finished MY NAME IS MINA, but we still have SMALL CHANGE FOR STUART, MIDNIGHT ZOO and EVERYBODY JAM to get through.

(I’ve already read SMALL CHANGE… so I only have two left. Goodie-two-shoes-me.)

MY NAME IS MINA by David Almond is a prequel to the amazing, the stunning, the gorgeous and hopeful and dark SKELLIG. It has the most amazing interior design, with so many gorgeous fonts, depending on the part of the diary that Mina is writing. MINA was published in paperback last year, when I worked at Hodder, and I had the privilege of working on the audio book version, which is read wonderfully by Charlie Sanderson, the young actress who played Mina in the stage production.

Have you read it? I know a few of you have strong feelings about David Almond, as witnessed in our Twitter chat about books you read at school. (Please note, he is one of my literary heroes.) What did you think?

And now that we are coming down to the wire, do you have a front runner for this year’s medal?


5 responses to “Eight Carnegie Days Left!

  1. SKELLIG is one of my all time favourite books, so I am most definitely coming to this with a huge bias.
    One of my favourite parts of this one is how Mina interacts with her school. We don’t have the physical copy in the office (ahem, Sarah B) so I can’t tell you for certain, but I think it was about p170 which has got to be one of my favourite passages David has written, where Mina isn’t fitting in with system.
    I find it so amazing that an older gentlemen can get so close to the voice of a kooky adolescent girl.
    In terms of a front-runner, I still have two to read. But my favourite so far is TRASH. It took me completely by surprise and I loved it more and more as I read on.
    No more commenting — must work so that I can read MIDNIGHT ZOO when I get home.

  2. This was my first David Almond book (yes, time to throw things at me again!) which means I haven’t read Skellig, so I was coming at this completely fresh. In terms of a prequel, it works well as right at the end I was suddenly desperate to read Skellig, and was trying to work out how the story continued.

    I borrowed the HB (Thanks Sara!) and it is a beautiful item. The text design inside is something to pore over, and the various layouts incredibly interesting. I loved Mina’s voice – it’s so fresh and funny and deeply sad all at the same time. If anything for me, I wanted more of her story – that’s the bit I loved. The additional parts – the poems, the extraordinary facts, the footnotes – were interesting, but sometimes took me away from the voice a bit too much.

    All things aside – it’s a wonderfully original book to be talked about.

    My front runner so far – Trash by Andy Mulligan. An unexpected storytelling treat. I absolutely loved it.

  3. Absolutely adored this book. I, too, am a tremendous fan of SKELLIG, really ALL of David Almond’s books, and am beyond happy to add MNiM to that shelf. The voice–from the cover!–drew me in, and never let me go. Could go on and on, but it comes down to this character, this voice. Brilliant. For me (and so far) it’s between this and A MONSTER CALLS.

    Have to share one more thing about …MINA. I had this book in my bag at the market, and had to take it out (to stuff in some groceries) and the college-aged girl bagging took one look at the cover, grabbed up the book, and declared, “Wow, this sounds awesome!” Big score for that cover design:-D

    • Oooh, I totally agree on the cover. The designer is the amazingly talented David McDougall who is now Art Director at Walker Books.

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