Happy Jubilee Weekend!!

It seems like the whole country is going Jubilee MAD at the moment, especially here in London (has anyone else had their street attacked by bunting in the middle of the night?!). And because it’s a Friday, and because we can, we at Hot Key are feeling festive and getting involved (patriotism = a four day weekend after all). So to get into the spirit of things, we recommend:

1 – Looking at how great corgis are, as we have been doing mostly all day. They are SO GREAT. No really, we have proof. We especially would like some for the office.

2 – Thinking about CAKES. Sara O’Connor is thinking about this cake, but with the British flag – though maybe bake the American flag Sara? Shake up your village’s cake competition this weekend. We dare you.

3 – Getting creative… though if your glitter glue pens have dried up from the royal wedding, help is as hand from Stylist. Here’s my attempt, modeled by the lovely (and compliant) Reg. You may notice that I’ve substituted vintage ribbon for  sellotape, but I think you get the idea.

4 – Appreciate the Spice Girls.  But not so much that you would ever, ever wear THAT dress.

Or, if you really aren’t feeling patriotic, there is always this:

Have a great weekend everyone – see you on Wednesday!


One response to “Happy Jubilee Weekend!!

  1. Corgis hate me. But otherwise, good job. Have a fun weekend.

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