Guest post: Why I Love Speculative Fiction by Nina @Death, Books and Tea

As you know – our blog is always open to guest posters, and today we have our third guest blog. Welcome to Nina from the blog Death Books and Tea – who steps up to give us her view on why she loves being taken away to the world of Speculative Fiction…

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I have always enjoyed a good fantasy slash horror slash dystopian slash steampunk slash *insert speculative fiction genres here*.

Even when I was little, stories about falling in love with the hot boy from your class never appealed to me. And I know there’s many other people who are like me – entirely realistic novels, particularly those orientated towards romance with not much else, just rarely get enjoyed. Before I start properly, I will say that this is a not contemporary-bashing post. There are some amazing contemporaries out there from the likes of Jodi Piccoult and Sophie McKenzie, and some gems from other genres too. But, as the title suggests, this is a Speculative Fiction praising post.

Let’s go on.

I think the main reason I like spec-fic is the thing that differentiates it from realistic stuff – the fact that anything could happen. There are endless possibilities, from controlling societies to random superpowers to inventive killers. Crazy concepts are what draws me in the most, and even if it’s not pulled off amazingly, it still scores points for being something different. Tougher situations call for tougher main characters. I do not care, ever, about someone whose biggest problem is that the boy she likes is going out with the b***h of the class. However, if the boy that she likes is going out with the b***h of the class, but she can’t afford to worry about that because if she does, she will be hunted down and killed, I will love her, will her to survive, and hope that her life
turns out okay romantically too. Turns of events are always interesting, and more unpredictable. Here, you are not bound by rules of physics, believability or society unless you want to be. Unpredicable-ness is a tool often used wisely, making it a more gripping and keeping the pages turning. I feel like I can get into it more.

It’s probably just me, but I often only love contemporaries if I can directly relate to some aspect. With paranormal, I don’t need to have a thread like that to fully invest me in a book. It also comes down to what I like to see. There’s a little more space for control, blood, and total randomness.

But, the main reason I enjoy speculative fiction is for the escape. Spec-fic might have some ties to normal life, but it will often be satirical, a parody. Every story is meant to be a journey. It should take you all the high and low places that it goes, and make you feel like you lose a little something when you finish. And it should take you far away, without you leaving your seat. For me, that’s the appeal of speculative fiction – it takes my mind to places where my body can’t

Thanks Nina for her take on Speculative Fiction – I find it fascinating how and what people love to read.  Anyone that loves more realistic / contemporary fiction / rom-coms – we’d love to hear from you too though. Get in touch! 


2 responses to “Guest post: Why I Love Speculative Fiction by Nina @Death, Books and Tea

  1. Hi Nina,
    Another clue in your love of spec fic is in your blog title. The first word is death! Death tends to have already happened in contemporaries, though not always.
    Books don’t have to be life threatening for me to love them – I grew up on Sweet Valley, so totally who is dating who stories – but a little bit of it certainly raises the tension!
    Potential world catastrophe is a good substitute for potential death, which I suppose, if you’re the character caught in a love drama, it can feel like catastrophe.
    Thanks for the post!

  2. I’m totally with you! I live in reality 24/7. Why would I want to read about it? 🙂

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