A Day in the Life of a Sales & Marketing Assistant

Hello, Cait here. You may remember me from such posts as ‘On Reading Books in School‘, ‘Bologna Children’s Book Fair: The Walking Tour‘ and ‘My First Month in Publishing‘. And, as you may already know from shameless self-promotion, I am the Sales & Marketing Assistant here at Hot Key Books!

Since the majority of SPAM has been here since the beginning of January, it seemed like time for an update. You’d be amazed how much a person’s role can change and develop over the course of a few months, but as Hot Key grows that is exactly what has happened to my job – in the best, most exciting way. We started with no (physical) books, no spreadsheets, no reps… and now we have our first dues, and have just completed our first ever (extra super special) proof mailing!

Our beautiful launch list proofs, ready for mailing!

So I suppose that a typical day in the life of a sales & marketing assistant, as any will probably tell you, doesn’t really exist. (I know! The title! I lied!). Anyway, no monotonous Office Spacemoments here! One day might be spent updating spreadsheets, creating promotional materials on accursed Word and making sure our lovely regional reps have everything they need (Graham – yes of course I will print you whatever you need and post it to you, but it’s nice that you ask so politely each time), while the next I’ll be chatting to an author in the morning whilst making them a terrible pot of coffee (sorry Gareth) and running to the Natural History Museum in the afternoon to pick up something special for a pitch. SPAM are here to make sure our books are exciting you as much as us, so seeing our marketing plans translate into the day to day is usually pretty exhilarating.

The mailing of our launch list was something we thought about for ages, as we wanted it to be really special. Weeks of waiting for proofs, narrowing down mailing lists and sourcing keys, tissue paper, ribbon and the right sized boxes was totally worth it to see the finished result all stacked up ready for the postman.

So here they are, all 9 titles in their glory, wrapped up in (Hot Key red) tissue paper and nestled alongside a key and a rather lovely letter from Sarah O and Kate. There are some rather empty shelves in the office now, waiting for the next set to arrive!

And if you’re wondering how it happened…


6 responses to “A Day in the Life of a Sales & Marketing Assistant

    • That’s the if-IKEA-says-you-need-a-spanner-you-need-one video. It’s a shame about the camera angle, because Cait is sitting next to me building stools, too, and singing along to her iPod. What fun!

      • So wanted to see what you did with the stools? Squeeze them into the boxes too – a bit of Hot Key magic?

      • saraathotkey

        Ha! The stools are for some upcoming events we are hosting at the office… I don’t think sending those out to bookshops would win us any customers.

  1. Really lovely post Cait! You’re right – we definitely don’t have time to be bored! love this video too…

  2. I love this post – I’ll catch up on the video tonight 🙂

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