Panel of New UK Young Adult Publishers (Video Series)

Warning! This is long and not of great visual quality.

But the quality of the publishers and the quality of the lists represented (if we do say so ourselves) is unmatched.

Here is a series of six videos that covers a panel that our MD, Sarah Odedina appeared on, alongside Stella Paskins from Electric Monkey (a brand new imprint at Egmont) and Amanda Punter from Razorbill (an imprint at Penguin). The questions are asked by John McLay @JohnBMcLay.

Questions cover what the publishers are looking for, how they decide on what to acquire, discussions about trends in the YA field and reveals of big new upcoming books.

Definitely brag in the comments below if you sit through all six videos! (I think it’s worth it!)

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend!


4 responses to “Panel of New UK Young Adult Publishers (Video Series)

  1. I will comment before I watch – thanks for posting this!

  2. This was a great session! Very interesting to hear the reasons why these imprints were started — and the fun reasons behind their eclectic names.

  3. I surprised myself in watching ALL of these! Thanks for posting them.

    • saraathotkey

      Hooray! Well done. According to You Tube, only 9 people have watched part 6, so you are one of the lucky few! Hope it was useful.

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