Two more at Hot Key!

Yesterday, we introduced you to the new boys in the office (who we haven’t scared off yet, hurrah!) and today, it’s the turn of the girls! So from just the three of us (Kate, Sarah and Cait) knocking around one end of the office, we are now a full complement of five encompassing Sales, Marketing, PR & Rights. Which super, because it means we can play five-a-side football against Editorial should the desire ever arise. Meet Meg & Ruth!

Meg Farr, Publicity Manager

Meg started working in the vibrant word of children’s books 10 years ago as Publicity and Web Associate for Barefoot Books in Bath before moving to London and working for Little Tiger Books, Macmillan Children’s and Booktrust. She also has two children and says that her first two days here have been “really exciting”, which can only be a good sign.

Ruth Logan, Rights Director

Ruth has worked with some of the finest editors and authors in the business, including Dahl, Steadman, Atwood, Irving, Ishiguro, Rushdie and Chatwin (to name but a few!). She was part of Bloomsbury from the beginning, meeting our lovely M.D. Sarah Odedina along the way, and is now embarking on another adventure with Hot Key Books – with the window open, as she is quite rightly a fan of fresh air.

So great to have you both!


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