Really important questions for a Friday afternoon…

Friday lunchtime in the Hot Key office, the sun is (sporadically) shining and it’s been a couple of days since we last had to wear a scarf.  At this time of year, young publishers’ thoughts turn to love.  And thus, our big Friday discussion is… which literary characters do you fancy?

Personally, I’ve had a crush on Lord Peter Wimsey for 24 years now.   Whenever I read any Dorothy L Sayers it always comes flooding back – he’s so dashing!  So intelligent! So quick-witted! So good at coming up with successful publicity campaigns for Whifflets!!  (If you haven’t read Murder Must Advertise, you really should.)

It got to the point when I was about 14 that I stopped reading any of the books that also contained Harriet Vane purely down to jealousy.  I am over that now.

See..?  REALLY important things being discussed here in Clerkenwell.


6 responses to “Really important questions for a Friday afternoon…

  1. Sadly, I mostly lusted after the really embarrassingly named characters from Enid Blyton books… never vampires though. Quite proud of that.

  2. beccawearsredwellies

    Was it Julian or Dick you liked? I was a huge fan of Hal Hunt (and occasionally Roger) from the Willard Price Adventure series. The way he so masterfully captured those wild animals. Obviously my moral compass hadn’t quite kicked in then….

    • Dick in Famous Five, then in the Adventure Series it was Philip. I actually named my childhood guinea pig ‘Tufty’ after his nickname… though Tufty’s brother was Fluffy Flower Squeaky, so there’s no accouting for taste.

  3. I’m usually a little bit in love with most of Paul Auster’s characters – always rather fancied the idea of a New York literary editor or struggling writer for a boyfriend. Really though I guess I am in love with Paul Auster.

  4. I’ve got a hell of a crush on Skulduggery Pleasant. Not sure if it counts as a man-crush…

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