A note from Dawn, who went to the Brits…

Those of you who follow Dawn on Twitter will know that she’s been busy writing a fabulous new book for us. Having said that, she’s still finding time to do SO many awesome things, we in the office have decided to live vicariously through her fun, starting with a night at the Brits…

So, I went to The Brits last night and it was soooo good! I was invited by Company Magazine, as it is the magazine associated with The Brits. So it was champagne and nibbles as we watched from above in their VIP box. Luckily I got some new glasses yesterday so I could actually see the stage..BONUS!

I was watching Jessie J and Adele walking around but was slightly baffled by why Sid Owen was sitting with Adele and I wasn’t?? Haha, God I love Adele, she is just endlessly awesome.

Rhianna..OH NA NA! I am going to be honest, I never realised what all the fuss was about but now I am going to tell you a fact: in person, live, when she is in the room dancing in her knickers, she is the sexiest woman I have EVER seen. Ever. No more to be said about that.

Blur were brilliant and made us all jump up and down like the last fifteen years never happened. And Coldplay were amazing. Apparently.  I am sorry to say this but I have seen Coldplay live three times and they still do nothing for me. I just don’t feel it!

A good friend manages Lana Del Rey so when LDR won I cried like a proud mum. Then my friend Vic and I managed to sneak backstage where we spied some actual Brit Awards on the floor. Obviously, we grabbed them and posed for the cameras. All HIGHLY illegal and juvenile but WHO CARES!!!

I didn’t go to an after party. I needed to get up early to crack on with writing my new book for Hot Key Books. Hangovers are not my friend these days…must be getting old.

Dawn x


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