Awesome Craft Show in Clerkenwell RIGHT NOW

Every day, on my way in to the Hot Key Books office, I walk under the arch of the order of St John and then past the aways well-dressed craft central. This morning, they handed me a postcard advertising their ONE DAY DESIGNER SALE. I’d been admiring a stunning pink coat in the window for the past week, so I couldn’t resist having a peek.

Yup, that’s me.

It is a lovely show, set up like a rabbit’s warren, with different rooms up and downstairs filled with amazing jewellery, fantastic hats and beautiful clothes.

I spotted a stunning necklace by Ellen Monaghan, if anyone wants convince my husband to buy it for me for my birthday… it’s the second one down on the home page.

The show is only on today form 12 noon to 7pm, free admission, so if you are nearby, you should check it out! Craft Central, 33-35 St John’s Square, EC1M 4DS.


3 responses to “Awesome Craft Show in Clerkenwell RIGHT NOW

  1. That ‘Keeping a Record’ gift from Ellen Monaghan is such a lovely idea! I’m definitely popping in after work for a snoop…

    p.s. Sara’s husband, if you’re reading this, that necklace is super pretty. An ideal gift for, say, Sara’s birthday?

  2. They sell Alex Monroe jewellery! *swoon*

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