Read and Tell Monday

It seemed like it would never happen, but I have finished THE PASSAGE at last. It took me about two months! Probably at about p100, I was cursing BeccaWearsRedWellies for recommending it to me, but it was so gripping that I couldn’t put it down. Compared to my usual middle grade or young adult reads, this 750+ page book was a much bigger commitment, but it was worth it.

Cronin creates brilliant characters instantly: goodies or baddies, they completely held my attention. This apolcalyptic world is very well drawn and the rules are consistent. There are so many gasp moments that every page turn was a delicious tension. Amusingly, the author’s twitter description declares him as “Author of long books in which many people die.” and he lives in Houston, TX, where I lived for eight years!

But, for all the hours I’ve spent enjoying this story, I have too many unanswered questions to give it a 5 star review*. It only gets 4 stars from me over on my Goodreads account. (Feel free to be my Goodreads friend!)

*update: I’ve just seen a tweet from the author hinting at a Volume 2… so maybe I’ll have to put aside another two months for reading when that comes out.

The other reason for just 4 stars is that I am only able to recommend it to certain people and sometimes not even successfully. When I tried to recommend it to the one person who would like it, my dad, (Hi, Dad!) he’d already read it… a year ago.

Up next for me: The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Volume I  by the inimitable Diana Wynne Jones.


5 responses to “Read and Tell Monday

  1. I LOVE DWJ. We shall talk more about this in the kitchenette area…

  2. How do you access the kitchenette area from the blog?

    I’m reading The Night Circus, it’s ok but sometimes the language used seems wrong (though some of that might be down to US words like pinkie). The author’s used ‘after the fact’ four times in 86 pages and it seems to me to be a strange turn of phrase for this book.

    I’m just terribly picky.

  3. It sounds really interesting but the length of it is slightly off putting lol

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