Here at Hot Key Books we have been raving about how much we LOVE our local booksellers – they are passionate and impartial about what’s brilliant and up and coming. They give us tips about when authors might be in town, and suggestions about what we should be reading and recommending.

But how well do you know your local bookseller? Are you a walking yellow pages for all the book shops, large and small, in your local area? Are you on first name terms with the person behind the counter? Do you share a love of literature over a coffee or slice of cake? If you think you could claim to know your bookseller buddies the best, or would like to get to know them a little better we have a challenge for you!



  1. Find a friendly bookseller
  2. Start up a conversation
  3. Start collecting points
  4. Send us in your evidence and final scores
  5. We’ll declare a winner
  6.  Make sure you ask the permission of your friendly bookseller
  7. Deadline is MONDAY at 5pm


1 point – Your Bookseller’s name

2 points – Your Bookseller’s Desert Island Book

3 points – Your Bookseller’s attempt at drawing their favourite protagonist/villain

5 points – A photo of you and your bookseller.

10 points – A photo of you and your bookseller and a key!

If you fancy taking part, leave us a comment with your collected evidence on this blog post.

**We will donate the highest score in pounds to the National Literacy Trust**

The Hot Key Challenge starts here!


8 responses to “THE HOT KEY CHALLENGE

  1. THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA. My local bookshop is still pretty far away from where I live so I don’t really go that often (yay for internet shopping) and get to know the booksellers! But now I know we can get POINTZ, I am so going to hunt them down… *runs to Waterstones*

    (Is there a deadline, by the way?)

  2. beccawearsredwellies

    Fantastic – I’ll race you for those points though. I’ve got my eye on this prize….

  3. beccawearsredwellies

    And yes there will be a deadline – 5pm MONDAY! Get those entries in….

  4. Brilliant idea. I have to get myself better over the weekend and get down to a bookshop. Need to buy new travel guides, anyway…. X

  5. Great idea but I wish somebody would tell my local bookseller(s)
    One just glares at you as if you are a well known international book thief and the other justs sits behind his little desk with his head plugged into his music.
    This is Cornwall though so I suppose they are dreaming about making a happy marriage with their brother/sister.

  6. I’m in!
    My bookseller is the fabulous Isla Dawes — she and her partner Mark run a mini-empire that includes Barnes Bookshop, Kew Bookshop, and Sheen Bookshop. I stop in a few times a week for a chat with Isla and/or Mark to compare what we’ve been reading.

    Isla’s Desert Island book, she says, is Watership Down. She’s drawn me a picture of what I believe is a rabbit, and I’ve got a photo of us together taken by an agreeable customer this very afternoon, but I don’t see any way to post them…?

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