The Perfect Ending?

With a (very) tenuous link to Valentine’s Day,  yesterday we started discussing perfect endings, and which stories (book, film or TV) we’d always wanted to change the endings to.

As soon as the email went round there were instant shout outs of: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin! One Day! The Breakfast Club! I Capture the Castle! Pretty in Pink! (can you tell most of us are girls?) – all of which had unsatisfactory endings for Team Hot Key (see below for why!). Endings are very personal things it seems, and we all imagine them differently when we are part of a story.

So, what endings did you always want to see done differently for the stories you loved? And how?

Or, is there such thing as the Perfect Ending?


14 responses to “The Perfect Ending?

  1. I did a similar post recently ( It’s so hard to get the ending just right. I agree with you on I Capture the Castle, I love that book but I wanted a better ending. I’m a sucker for happily ever after I’m afraid 🙂

  2. For me, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin has one of the most pointless and upsetting endings ever. I just couldn’t (and still can’t!!) understand why Antonio would decide not to even go and SPEAK to Pelagia just because he saw her with a baby! And then for him to go back after so many years surely just rubs salt into the wound? It should have just ended with them both never really knowing, rather than them (and us) having to realise that they could have been very happy together if only he hadn’t been so BLOODY STUPID.

    And calm.


  3. Kicking off in a highly literary vein here, THE BREAKFAST CLUB has always massively disappointed in the end with its tranformation of weirdo Allison into a pink sugar-confection of an American high school girl. Boo. Bring back her oversized fluffy hood and scowl and dandruff pictures.

  4. I know MANY people loved it, but for me, as soon as “the tragic event” happened in One Day I completely lost interest. “I’ve read all this way through for that!?” Harumph!

    I thought they should have just continued to pass each other by, but never actually made a go of it. Much more bittersweet, tragic and true to life in my opinion. (Well, Happy Valentine’s!)

  5. @Victoria – great blog! Haha, we discussed Dawson’s Creek and Harry Potter just yesterday too 🙂

  6. I agree with Georgia and add Pretty in Pink. WHY DOES ANDIE NOT END UP WITH DUCKIE? Anyway…

  7. I’d definitely change the ending to that film Limitless- Bradley Cooper’s not only physically fine after tripping the whole film but now he’s become some sort of super human?! So, the message of that whole film is basically ‘experimental illegal drugs are awesome’. Whoops. And One Day… don’t get me started!!

    On a slightly different note, possibly my favourite ending ever is to The Amber Spyglass- perfect ending for the trilogy! I’m so glad it hasn’t been filmed.

  8. Not to be overly dramatic here but ONE DAY broke my heart a little, and as I read it on the tube couldn’t stop myself from shedding a tear (or a thousand!) in view of a crowded rush hour audience (eek). I am currently reading George R.R. Martin’s EPIC series and the first book GAME OF THRONES also left me weeping, thankfully I was at home that time. And as this is a massive series that was just one of MANY endings.

  9. The West Wing. The first four seasons are amongst my storytelling ever, across any medium. However, the last seasons 2 seasons were a complete betrayal of the best character; Toby Ziegler.

  10. I’ve just finished Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove (after rationing it to myself for over a month because it was so good I genuinely didn’t want it to end!) and even though, like most of the best stories, the journey is really what matters, rather than the destination, I still found myself welling up when it finally reached its end. Everything that a much younger me understood to be what was meant by bravery and loyalty was fuelled and re-lit by a man taking his best friend 3000 miles just to bury him in the place he wanted to rest. Truly heartbreaking, utterly epic, and just brilliant. Still can’t stop thinking about it, days later…

  11. I’ve just finished reading two Cormac McCarthys, The Road and Child of God. I felt that The Road just petered out and Child of God did pretty much the same. Of course you tend to read McC for the writing rather than the story but come on Mate, give us an ending!

  12. Oh, I think the ending of The Road is very fitting! Just goes to show how it’s horses for courses! However *takes a deep breath* I’m so with Naomi at Hot Key on ‘Captain Corelli’ it ruined the WHOLE book for me! Grrr!

  13. I actually had to study Corelli for AS Level… that ending was like trying to squeeze meaning out of a youtube video of puppies in a paddling pool.

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