Yes We Can!

I’m just on a break from my very first workshop at the Tools of Change conference in New York. It’s called Down and Dirty with EPUB 3.0, and despite the tall guy sitting in front of me, I’ve been staring at source code files for an ebook all morning – and laughing. Yes, that’s right!

The brilliant presenters from Digital Bindery have introduced the first ever HTML5 drinking game: every time they say “semantics” they do a pretend shot. And while that is silly, it makes a really useful and technical talk fun to watch.

Which brings me to the point I want to make: there is so much doom and gloom about technology and publishing in the blogosphere and in the media… but not here. Not at this conference. (So far!) I’ve never seen someone so excited about a tag before (trigger tags = awesome), and it’s so refreshing to see.

In the swirl of the Republican primaries here in America, I recall a very inspiring key line from a previous political campaign: Yes We Can. That’s how the Digital Bindery folks are approaching new formats, standards and technology – and that’s how Hot Key Books is approaching it.

Yes we can! (Right, Georgia?!)


3 responses to “Yes We Can!

  1. Yup, bring on the epub – yes we can! (no idea what a trigger tag is, I might add)

    • Ah! I didn’t either: it’s part of a series of commands to the machine and the “trigger” tag is to define the action the reader would do to make whatever happen. (I know there is a tag for the “whatever” part, but can’t remember it! I can’t wait to get the slides from the presentations!)

  2. An HTML5 drinking game sounds … interesting lol

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