Touched for the first time

Is Madonna going through your mind? It was going through mine as well during my final workshop for the day: User Experience Meets Ebook. With my second glass of prosecco in my hand, I’m typing out a quick blog about the session on how design can make or break a product.

One of my favourite points was how a very unscientific survey of 6 can have enormous impact on user experience research. Yes, it’s not a huge sample pool, but it is still worthwhile. This makes me think of our ereading survey… not scientific but very useful. (Original How We Read blog here.) If you haven’t taken our ereading survey yet, please do!

A good trick that the speakers were trying to simulate is to help us find a way to see the product for the first time, to simulate the new user experience. (Here be the Madonna moment.) You have to think about your own “expertness” as somewhat of a disadvantage. What do people outside the publishing world experience when they come to our products?

Later tonight is a party at the New York Public Library where I will be seriously and professionally making many business contacts… and perhaps having one last glass of prosecco.


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