Read and Tell Monday

This weekend I managed to squeeze in reading some of Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’. People always seem horrified when I say I’ve never read any of his work before (apparently watching and LOVING the ‘Stardust’ film doesn’t count) so this is my first venture into Gaiman’s world, and so far it’s been brilliant.

First of all, I should probably quickly point out that American Gods is definitely NOT a YA book! It’s very dark, violent and sexual in content, so don’t pick it up expecting a ‘Stardust’ type of adventure.

The novel follows ex-con Shadow, who finds out that his wife has died in a car-crash a few days before he is due to be released from prison. On his journey home he meets the mysterious Mr Wednesday, who seems to know all about his situation and tries to persuade him to work for him, as as he points out: ‘it’s not like there’s anything waiting for you at home’. However, things get even stranger for Shadow once work starts – his dead wife Laura comes to visit one night after having apparently dug herself out of her grave.

Things get stranger for the reader too as we are introduced to a whole host of weird characters including a man claiming to be  a Leprechaun (despite being over 7ft tall), a man who smokes toad-skin cigarettes  and a woman who literally devours men in a rather… ‘interesting’ way. I can’t/won’t say how! I have a feeling it might turn out that these are the mysterious ‘forgotten Gods’ of Shadow’s dreams – Gods who were once worshipped but have since drifted from memory and are therefore dying. It’s a really interesting idea and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the book pans out!

What has everyone else been reading? And can anyone recommend any more Gaiman books for when I’ve finished this one?!


2 responses to “Read and Tell Monday

  1. I only read manuscripts all weekend but I have the BIGGEST to be read for pleasure pile at the moment.

    The current shortlist goes: Tamar by Mal Peet, Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman, Easy Riders, Raging Bulls by Peter Biskind, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell, The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson and many, many more. It’s lucky I’m on holiday next week, but where to start??

  2. Hello, I have returned for Monty Monday. I’m in a similar situation with Neil Gaiman. I just made my girlfriend watch Neverwhere which is as weird (in a good way) as I remember. But I haven’t read anything by him yet. Though I have some stuff waiting.

    @hotkeysarahb The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet is brilliant so I vote for that.

    I’m currently reading Muncle Trogg by Janet Foxley. I even read it on the train, I have no shame. It’s quite gripping!



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