It’s like… magic!

My second session at TOC was Using WordPress for Digital Workflows and More and it was fabulous. Fabulous! It makes a beautiful ePub file in an extremely user-friendly way for free using ubiquitous open source software.

Hugh McGuire, the founder of Press Books, said that the golden rule of presentations is NEVER DO A LIVE DEMO. But, we did one and it was flawless, which is a testament to the simplicity and strength of the system he’s built.

Want to try it? Go to and get your account. It’s pretty intuitive. You just put in your information and your content, and then check out the export section. The epub export is the most impressive, while the PDF output is functional. You can also export to InDesign if you have the software and want to perfect the design for print.

The theme of the TOC conference so far has been to get in there and try it for yourself. It is not scary at all and quite fun! (You’ll need something like Adobe Digital Editions to view your epub file when you’re done.) Let me know if/how you get on!


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