Blog on Blog(s) – part one

In my opinion, one of the really great things that’s happened over that last few years in the book space is the ever-continuing emergence of online book bloggers. When I was a geeky, book-loving kid, my weekly visit to my local library’s NEW shelf was pretty much the only access I had to finding out about new books, and that was hoping someone hadn’t got there earlier than me and already swiped the new Jacqueline Wilson.

Skip forward a few decades and the wealth of information on new releases online is completely different, and I for one, love that. I’m always blown away by the dedication and passion shown by book bloggers, the absolute vast majority of whom don’t earn anything from it, and who have other jobs, school work, exams, families and lives to keep up alongside posting reviews and attending events.

So, over the next few days we’ll be shining the spotlight on a few bloggers, taking a look at what they do, what they love and why they give up their time to blog about books…

Name & blog
Cicely from Cicely Loves Books (how utterly original, I know…)

Tell us a bit about your blog…
It’s just kind of the place where I rant and rave about books, I guess. As you’d probably expect, what with it being a book blog and all 😉

How did you start blogging?
Last summer (2010) I started to read a lot again, and this time around I found this whole slew of brilliant book blogs, and I read them and thought, ‘you know what, I reckon I could do that’, and I did! It was harder and a lot more work than I’d first thought, but totally worth it.

What’s the best thing about blogging?
When you read a book that you absolutely love, and you write a review singing its praises and people read it and want to pick it up. When people say they want to read a book they hadn’t wanted to after they’ve read one of my (and probably loads of others) reviews for it. That’s kind of awesome.

What kind of books are you most excited about reviewing?
At the minute I’ve been on a bit of a historical kick, but the books that take you by surprise, that haven’t had a whole load of hype about them and they just turn out to be AMAZING. Those are the most fun to review, the one’s I look forward to reviewing anyway…

Who are your favourite authors?
John Green, Sarah Dessen, Suzanne Collins, Cassandra Clare, Maggie Stiefvater, Cat Clarke, Holly Black, Kevin Brooks, Sally Gardner, Maureen Johnson, Diana Wynne Jones, Neil Gaiman, and about a million more… (it’s a very long list.)

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
Um, just to get straight into it, I guess? And don’t stress about it. If you feel like you need a break, take a break! People understand. And also, don’t do it just because you want free books. Do it because you LOVELOVELOVE books and because you’re willing to put a good few hours a week into talking about them. Do it for the right reasons.

Name & blog:
Ninfa Sferlazzo Hayes & Misty Nicholson-Price, Bookaholics Book Club

Tell us a bit about your blog…
Bookaholics Book Club was born as a companion to the Bookaholics Book Club on Facebook. The Bookaholics Blog is  a place where everyone is welcome to talk about anything book related. We post reviews, author interviews, giveaways and cool contests, guest blog posts and we also have a number of fixed features like Wednesdays “UK vs the World” where we like to compare UK book covers to different ones from all over the world 🙂

How did you start blogging?
(Misty) Well, after successfully running a book club Facebook page for six months and enjoying every minute I decided to go a step further and set up a blog where I could review the books I read and have fun book themed features, that was a little over a year ago and I’m still really enjoying finding ways to share the books I love and finding new ones.

(Ninfa) Thanks to Misty who launched the idea first. Her enthusiasm was so infectious I couldn’ t help myself 😉

What’s the best thing about blogging?
(Ninfa) The wonderful feeling of sharing your opinions and your little discoveries about books. There are so many great reads out there, and some amazing people in the publishing industry. It’s a fantastic feeling to be able to interact with both sides, the publishing side and the readers side, and bring them together to make something really special 🙂

(Misty) Oh, I love sharing the books I’ve enjoyed but I’ve also loved getting into the blogging community and meeting new people who love to read as much as me, over the last year I’ve made lots of new friends all over the world.

What kind of books are you most excited about reviewing?
(Misty)Well I love ya paranormal books the most but I also love adult paranormal books, YA fiction and I have a weakness for Dystopias! However blogging has given me a chance to try new books I maybe wouldn’t have otherwise and some I’ve ended up really enjoying.

Who are your favourite authors?
(Ninfa) Oh dear…Where do I start…?!? In no particular order: Kelley Armstrong, Richelle Mead, Dianna Hardy, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Laurell k Hamilton, Anne Rice, Cate Tiernan, Dakota Banks and Rick Riordan, amongst many others 🙂 And of course Misty and myself as we both write 😉

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
(Ninfa) Just do it! 🙂 Everyone’s styles and opinions are different and relevant, find your own voice and be always honest about what you write and do, that way people that follow you will know to trust you and respect you 🙂

(Misty) Hmm I guess mostly I’d say to just have fun, try to join the huge blogging community but following other blogs and joining in fun features that some blogs host. I’d also say to try your best to manage your time, blogging can take up a lot of time and you could end up resenting it when you find you have to write a post when you’d like to relax, my best friend is the ‘schedule post’ button!

Thanks guys! And they’ll be more to come tomorrow…


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