Literary London

So we’ve almost settled into our lovely offices, which are now a hive of bookish discussion and tea-related activity (and the odd trip to our favourite local soup café). You’ve seen pictures of the inside, met us and had a sneak peek at our bookshelves- but what do you know about the surroundings of Hot Key HQ? It turns out though that Clerkenwell may be new to us, but it certainly isn’t to the literary world – our area has quite an exciting history! So, with the help of Google, we have compiled a list of our favourite local literary treats…

‘Clerc’ actually translates as ‘literate person’ – our very area is named for our profession! (Sort of).

Before we came along, Northburgh House was the home of a printers – serendipitous!

Clerkewell Green back in Dickens’ day

Clerkenwell Green is where Fagin and the Artful Dodger induct Oliver into the art of pickpocketing in the market that was once held there. Apparently Dickens knew the area well and was a customer of a savings bank on Sekforde Street (just around the corner from us).

George Cruikshank’s ‘Oliver Twist’

Five minutes’ walk from here is Amwell Street, once home of George Cruikshank – he illustrated many of Dickens’ novels, including Oliver Twist.

Mary Wollstonecraft once lived on Finsbury Square, just around the corner from John Milton on Bunhill Row (chances are they never met as a century separated them).


Even Kate Greenaway has lived here in Islington, in 1852!

Have we missed anything crazily obvious?! I don’t think we could be in a better place!


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