People who love books

Inspired by this drool-inducing tumblr about bookshelves (titled something that will bring the spammers in their droves, so I’m not going to type it), the Hot Key team have taken photos of some of our bookshelves at home.


So now the secret is well and truly out. We are people who love books.

And we’d love to see yours too!


6 responses to “People who love books

  1. I have book shelf envy!! I have no space so I only have a small shelf and the rest are all stacked up or in a cupboard. I always wanted the library in Beauty & The Beast 🙂

  2. Victoria — ooohh… I LOVED that library!

  3. Ooh, Mark! Very cool. Thanks for posting.

  4. And lit agent extraordinaire @JuliaChurchill from the fabulous Greenhouse Literary @GreenhouseLit has tweeted a link to her bookshelf…

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