The Stag Shortlist

On Wednesday we asked you to name our Stag and here’s the shortlist!

So, is this Stag called:

Sir Spamalot?
Mr Fritter?
Don Corleone?
Elke Sommers?

What do you think!?


5 responses to “The Stag Shortlist

  1. Caroline Hill-Trevor

    Sydney or George

  2. From those: Elke Sommers.

    My late entry – The Gollux (cf The Thirteen Clocks, James Thurber

  3. Got to be Monty!! What a name!

  4. As I suggested Monty, not sure if I can vote. But the resemblance is uncanny:

  5. I have never a stag that suits the name Monty more. Truly, I haven’t.

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