The Ed Heads

Introducing the Hot Key Books editorial team!

Three of the Hot Key editorial department started up with Sarah Odedina just before the New Year (Naomi, Emily and Sara OC) and Becca joined the first week after the break, but our team of six wasn’t complete until yesterday, with the arrival of The New Girl (by a week!), Georgia Murray. We’re busy reading, acquiring and shaping for our autumn 2012 launch list… but we can’t tell you about all of those books yet.

Instead, inspired by the Reading Agency’s mission to cheer up readers, (Bookseller Article here) we’ll introduce ourselves by recommending a favourite book for young readers that will cheer you up…

Sarah Odedina, Managing Director:
HOLES by Louis Sachar
Emily Thomas, Publisher:
ANGEL by Elizabeth Taylor
Sara O’Connor, Editorial Director, Print & Digital:
THE WIND SINGER by William Nicholson
Georgia Murray, Editor:
Naomi Colthurst, Editorial Assistant:
Becca Langton, Editorial Assistant:
A LITTLE PRINCESS by Frances Hodgson Burnett

All of these books are available online and in bookshops. If you are interested in buying online while supporting your local bookshop, check out HIVE.

Tomorrow, we’ll be introducing our fantastic sales & marketing team. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below if there’s a book that’s cheered you up.


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